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Sept. 29, 2021 – NSF Virtual Forum: Who hacks and who wins?

Sept. 29, 2021 – NSF Virtual Forum: Who hacks and who wins?

Who hacks and who wins? Cyberwars and AI in today’s battlespace.

Matt Devost

CEO and Co-Founder OODA, LLC

Wednesday, September 29, 2021 at 09:00 am Pacific Time (US and Canada) via Zoom

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I bring great news to our NSF community. We will be returning to hybrid programs at The Sands starting on 12 October! Wahoo, yippie!!! We are testing the new sound and video system there this week and should be ready to welcome you back in-person or on Zoom for our program on counterterrorism technologies and tactics by Dr. Alexis Reed on Tuesday 12 Oct. I will send more details about that program shortly.

Our upcoming program on Wed 29 Sep (Zoom only) covers a topic that was in high demand from responses to our recent survey. Mr. Matt Devost, a lifelong black hat hacker and cyber genius, will join us from an undisclosed location in the National Capitol Region to discuss cyberwars, artificial intelligence, and what the battlespace for cyberwars looks like now and in the future. Over the last nearly three decades, Matt has applied his well-honed hacking skills for good, serving as a black hat advisor to the Department of Defense and founding several companies dedicated to countering terrorism and cyber threats.

“Remember kids – you can hack your way into a war, but you will need to shoot your way out.”

Matt also graciously served as thought leader for the NSF 2021 Youth Security Forum talking to our local high school students about the perils of cyberwarfare, hacking, and why nothing is simple in cyberspace. Matt’s wide range of experience, vast knowledge, and even keel demeanor will make you feel like an expert after listening to him present and answer your questions. This promises to be an informative discussion about how the US, our friends, and adversaries are using artificial intelligence, hacking, and other tools and tactics to reshape warfare on the ground and in cyberspace.

Matt will be joined by two NSF discussants (Kerry Nemovicher and Kevin McCarthy) who will be sure to ask him thought-provoking questions.

Please join us for a very enlightening discussion and be ready with questions. 

Matt Devost

Matt began his career in 1995 hacking into systems for the US Department of Defense and Intelligence Community and over the past twenty-five years has emerged as an established thought leader in the cyber and security domains. A successful entrepreneur, he has founded several companies including FusionX & the Terrorism Research Center, played a key leadership role in a handful of successful start-ups, and served as an advisor to DoD, a professor at Georgetown University, and a member of the Black Hat review board. Matt’s unique approach to technology, business, and security issues is driven by a technique he calls “HACKthink” – applying a hacker mindset to analyze and dissect complex problems and develop innovative solutions. Mr. Devost has appeared on CNN, MSNBC, FoxNews, NPR, CBS News, BBC television, NWCN, Australian television and dozens other domestic and international radio and television programs as an expert on terrorism and cybersecurity. He has co-written or authored chapters for several books including Cyberadversary Characterization, Threats in the Age of Obama, Information Warfare Vol. 2, Sun Tzu Art of War in Information Warfare, and was the technical editor for Hacking a Terror Network. In 2004, Mr. Devost was appointed to the Defense Science Board Task Force on Critical Homeland Infrastructure Protection to provide advice to the Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security. He also served as a Senior Advisor to the Airline Pilots Association National Security Committee and is and adjunct member of the Los Angeles Terrorism Early Warning Group. Mr. Devost holds a B.A. degree from St. Michael’s College and a Master of Arts Degree in Political Science from the University of Vermont.