Friends of the Forum

Jim Ambrose
Paul Bible
Deanne and Jim Bradshaw
Elaine and Jim Colgan
Kari and Joseph Destine
William A. Douglass
Patricia and Richard Eddy
Margaret and Ed Friedrichs
Elizabeth and Carl Fuetsch
Gloria and Garry Garrettson
Len Hamer
Keith Hansen
Skip Hansen
Paul Havas
Tim and Marie Heydon
Hughes Private Capital
Gene Humphrey
Bruce James
Keith Lee
Dr. Stephen J. Lerman
Charlotte and Dick McConnell
Bob McLaughlin
James Megquier
Antonia Neubauer
Grace and Ron Nichols
Cindy and Joe Walker
Janey and Bob Wetzel

Friends of the Forum
Program Information

Why Friend of the Forum:


NSF’s membership dues cover about half of our expenses, which include our part-time executive director and program director who organize our programs and maintain our organization.  We also need funds to occasionally cover the expense of bringing in quality speakers for our forums.

Friends of the Forum are a critical group of donors who help cover the other half of our expenses.

NSF Members can become a Fiend of the Forum for $1000 a year, which is fully tax-deductible.

In return, you receive the following benefits:

  • Preferred Seating at our Forum meetings
  • Ability to sit with the Speaker the day of the Forum
  • Exclusive dinners with guest speakers the night before or after a Forum (when available)
  • Recognized as a Friend at each program and on our website

We hope you will consider joining us to help sustain the National Security Forum.

Become a Friend of the Forum

We recently transitioned to a membership database system and you will have to now create a login and password to become a friend of the forum. Please click the button below for registration.