Open Letter: US-Turkey cooperation vital to Syria

  • Colleagues, A very insightful and timely article on U.S. relations with Turkey especially regarding the ongoing conflict in Syria by Ambassador (ret) W. Robert Pearson is included and at the link listed below. Pearson is currently a Scholar at The Middle East Institute and served as Ambassador to Turkey from 2000 to 2003. He is a leading authority on the challenges facing the United States in sustaining our military and diplomatic engagement with Turkey. This timely letter puts in context this week’s meetings between Secretary of State Tillerson and Turkey’s [...]

Program Summary – Globaliztion, Trade and Income Inequality – a panel discussion

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Upcoming Programs: March 14th Northern Nevada Public Alerts and Warnings – No Rockets Please with Aaron Kenneston

  • March 14, 2018

    February 15, 2018 0
    Please Save the Date for this upcoming National Security Forum, certainly very timely! Northern Nevada Public Alerts and Warnings – No Rockets Please  A Presentation With Aaron Kenneston Washoe County Emergency Manager Wednesday, March 14, The Sands ‘We made a mistake’: Hawaii officials apologize after false emergency alert. (Associated Press headline 13 January 2018) “It turned out to be a false alarm, a computer glitch. The damage? An erosion of trust.” (ABC News Report 10 February 2018, “False Alarms Highlight Weaknesses in National Alert System” after a false tsunami alert was issued for New England) Remember that gut tightening feeling that comes after you get a text or call from Washoe County warning you about an emergency in our area? I remember getting avalanche warnings [...]

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