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During this COVID-19 pandemic, we have moved our monthly breakfast Forums online to Zoom.   Members are able to actively participate in our monthly virtual Forums, interacting with speakers directly.  Non-members can view the videos of the Forums once they are posted.

Since we have gone online, we have been able to expand the diversity of our speakers, interacting with people who won’t fly to Reno for a day, but will spend an hour online!  While we hope to go back to in-person Forums soon, we may continue to offer online Forums with subject matter experts from around the world!

The National Security Forum (NSF) is a non-partisan, educational, nonprofit organization that brings expert speakers from around the U.S. to talk about national and international security, domestic and foreign terrorism, economic and financial threats, the safety of our food and water supply, energy policy, electrical grid stability, and a variety of other topics that affect all Americans.

2021 Youth Security Forum

The National Security Forum of Nevada, in partnership with the Washoe County School District, is hosting a virtual forum for students to engage national security thought leaders in discussions about timely topics that are shaping the world we live in now and the future they will have a chance to lead. Read more.


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July 15, 2021 – NSF Virtual July Forum: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

As challenging as politics have become in the United States, nothing holds a candle to the tumult that Israel has been through over the last three years. With four elections proving indecisive and Benjamin Netanyahu being pushed out as Prime Minister in May, after 12 years at the helm, Israel is contending with internal upheaval at the same time as it navigates external challenges. Meanwhile Palestinian political paralysis and division persists, with long overdue Palestinian legislative elections scheduled then ultimately canceled at the eleventh hour, and Hamas and Fatah continuing their rift and divided rule.
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Letter from the Director

Happy summer, NSF! Thank you very much for your patience as we organized and hosted a very successful Youth Security Forum (YSF) in late May. The event successfully engaged Washoe County School District students in discussion on a wide range of national security topics. Sarah Brown (WCSD, K-12 Social Studies Coordinator) sent a very kind thank you letter to NSF following the event. We are very grateful to our YSF sponsors who generously supported our effort to encourage a new generation of national security-informed citizenry.
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ARTICLE: Combatting climate change will make us more secure by Lee Gunn

President Biden’s recent Leaders Summit on Climate highlighted the clear and compelling link between climate instability and our national security. The White House made a key theme of the summit the need to “address the global security challenges posed by climate change and the impact on readiness.” For the United States, climate impacts on our military operations, service members, economy and global stability will erode our standing on the world stage and our ability to project U.S. power.
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ARTICLE: Why transitioning off fossil fuels strengthens our national security – by Lee Gunn

Fourteen years ago, during the George W. Bush administration, the CNA Military Advisory Board — a group of retired three- and four-star flag and general officers from the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps that studies pressing issues of the day to assess their impact
Read More "ARTICLE: Why transitioning off fossil fuels strengthens our national security – by Lee Gunn"

Apr. 28, 2021 – NSF Virtual April Forum: How it all works – From policy to programs

When I asked our speaker, Neile Miller (MSTS, Senior Director for Business Operations and former NNSA Acting Administrator) what a shift in nuclear policy meant for the nuclear and other national security programs at the Nevada National Security Site, I heard her pause just long enough to grab her White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) hat off the shelf.
Read More "Apr. 28, 2021 – NSF Virtual April Forum: How it all works – From policy to programs"

Mar. 24, 2021 – NSF Virtual March Forum: Getting to 2050 – Energy Security and Transition

To help us understand what the path looks like going from a fossil-fuel dependent 2020 to a net-zero 2050 are two national security experts, Vice Adm Lee Gunn, USN (Ret.) and Vice Adm Frank Pandolfe, USN (Ret.), both of the CNA Military Advisory Board.
Read More "Mar. 24, 2021 – NSF Virtual March Forum: Getting to 2050 – Energy Security and Transition"


Mission Support and Test Services LLC

Mission Support and Test Services is a dynamic team of experts and leaders from Honeywell International Inc., Jacobs Engineering Group Inc., and Stoller Newport News Nuclear, Inc. – a subsidiary of Huntington Ingalls Industries selected by the National Nuclear Security Administration as the Management and Operating Contractor for the Nevada National Security Site.


Barnard Vogler & Co. Certified Public Accountants

Providing in-kind support to the NSF with year-end accounting services and the use of their corporate boardroom for NSF monthly board meetings. If you are in need of expert accounting services please consider Barnard Vogler and Co for all your accounting needs.

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