Forum for discussing national security issues.
2024 Youth Security Forum – May 23, 2024

2024 Youth Security Forum – May 23, 2024

National Security Forum of Nevada and the Washoe County School District

present the

2024 Youth Security Forum
May 23, 2024

“Getting Comfortable with Uncomfortable Conversations
about the Israel-Hamas War”

An in-person event hosted by Truckee Meadows
Community College Student Center
Thursday, May 23 (9 am to 1 pm PT)

Carrying the spirit of civil discourse forward, YSF students will contribute to restoring a civil and respectful society at home, laying the foundation for a more peaceful and secure world.

We need your help!

NSF is seeking 35-40 volunteers to help facilitate discussions and support event logistics. Please join us by signing up with the QR code below. Download Flyer (PDF)

Can’t volunteer? NSF is covering expenses for the venue and lunch for students. To donate please go to this link:

The Annual Youth Security Forum (YSF) event brings students together from Washoe County School District (WCSD) high schools to engage in spirited and civil discussions about timely and challenging national security issues. The National Security Forum of Nevada and WCSD is hosting the 2024 YSF to equip the next generation of national security leaders and informed citizens with the tools, outlook, and motivation to discuss timely and important topics with their peers, families, and communities. Civil discourse is a pillar of our national security. Bridging divisions at home strengthens our standing abroad. YSF students will practice initiating conversations, listening to others, and sharing perspectives in a respectful manner about a topic that has roiled college campuses since the Oct 7th attacks on Israel and the ongoing war in Gaza.

For more information about this event, contact

Dr. Maureen McCarthy, NSF Program Director,
Email: [email protected]

Resources for YSF Students and Facilitators

Getting Comfortable with Uncomfortable Conversations about the Israel-Hamas War

This is a simple guide to the collected resources for student, teachers, and moderators. There is no expectation that everyone will read/review all the resources contained in the folders. However, it should help teachers guide students to learn more about the Israel-Hamas War and the current state of protests on college campuses over this war. It is by no means a complete set or resources and we welcome students and teachers to recommend additional resources they think can enhance YSF24 discussions.

Resource Folders:
  • Agenda-Scenarios-Resource Guide: This folder contains the agenda and an annotated resource guide (with links) to additional materials (written, podcasts, videos). The scenarios that the students will be discussing at YSF24 will be shared with the students at the event. 
  • Campus Perspectives: This folder contains six interviews (5 oral interviews and one written) with students, a student mother, and a staff member, from a range of colleges across the country and with diverse perspectives on Israel-Hamas War and the protests on campuses.
  • Campus Protest Stories: This folder has a collection of news stories about the protests on campuses and an example of an issue involving a faculty member at Hobart William Smith Colleges.
  • Facilitator Training: This folder has a training video with Mr. Eric Eads (former Sage Ridge teacher) talking about how to engaging student in these discussions. It also has Rules of the Road guides that will be shared with students and facilitators in advance of the event and a short video with an emotional intelligence coach that will be shown during the opening of the event.
  • Historical Perspectives: This folder contains several short-long articles about the history of Israel and Palestine along with articles about Hamas, Iran, and student protests on American college protests.
  • Israel-Gaza Maps-Story: This folder contains several maps of Israel, Gaza and the Middle East along with a History of the Middle East in 40 Maps, a graphic novel describing the Hamas constructed tunnels under Gaza, and an example (dated 08 May 2024) of the daily update on the war from the Institute for the Study of War.
  • Opinion Pieces: This folder has examples of recent opinion pieces in the New York Times and the Washington Post by journalists including Thomas Friedman, John McWhorter, the WP Editorial Board, and David Brooks. 

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