Friends of the Forum Program Information

Friends of the Forum
Program Information

The NSF currently has over 1,340 people who want to hear what we have to say, as evidenced by our current mailing list. Of those, 353 or 26% further supported the NSF by becoming members.  Additional donations are received randomly without a direct ask from a colleague or for a specified dollar amount. These donations provided no additional benefit to the donor other than knowing they were supporting an excellent organization and we need to do more.

Why Friend of the Forum:

The NSF expenses have increased with the addition of an executive director. The NSF is launching this and other fundraising tactics to cover these costs and to provide funds to increase our ability to attract quality speakers for timely appearances at our forums.

We have a unique opportunity and audience to launch our new fundraising program, Friends of the Forum. Members who become FoF will receive the following benefits.


• Membership for one year
• Preferred seating. Just tell us where you would like to sit and we will reserve it and up to 3 more for your friends, or
• Choose to sit at the breakfast table with Ty and the Speaker based on space availability
• When opportunity presents FoF can join our forum speaker for dinner
• Recognized as a FoF at each program and on our new website

Already 7 friends have signed on and our goal is to reach 20. We hope you can join us in helping to sustain this informative forum.

Part of the proceeds goes to cover costs for students and WWII vets.