Key Points in the Presentation on

The Air National Guard:

Affordable Defense in an Era of Austerity 


COL Jeff Burkett and LTC Tony Machabee

The Nevada Air National Guard “High Rollers” have been deployed in support of the War on Terror for more than 10 years.  Over the last decade, the High Rollers have shifted from a “strategic reserve” to an “operational reserve” as the Air National Guard’s role has grown within the Department of Defense.  The value proposition the National Guard offers to the Department of Defense and the taxpayer may become an attractive solution as we enter a period of reduced defense spending.

Col Jeffery Burkett, the 152d Airlift Wing Commander, briefed the NSF on the changing role of the Nevada Air National Guard over the past decade as well as future capabilities. Col Burkett discussed the relationship between USNORTHCOM and the National Guard, including some of the complexities between Title 10 and Title 32 duty status. Col Burkett will highlighted the mission of the 152d Airlift Wing to include the C-130 Airlift Squadron, the Intelligence Squadron, and the CBRN Enhanced Response Force Package (CERFP).

Here is a 2-page summary of many of the key points made by COL Burkett in that presentation:   NGStrengths5x823May2013





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