1/26/18 – 45th Anniversary of the Paris Peace Accords – Commentary by Ty Cobb


Today marks the 45th anniversary of the signing of the Paris Peace Accords on January 26, 1973, ending the conflict in Viet Nam and beginning the implementation of the peace agreement.

Many stories from that time, as I, a Major in the US Army, was assigned responsibility for bringing the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong delegations into the south as observers of the implementation of the accords.

Hope you enjoy my recollections of that tumultuous time (attached)!

And later will have some more stories of the 60-day period in which the Accords had to be implemented, all US troops sent home, and more observers be brought down from Hanoi, which necessitated my going there the day after the Treaty was signed.


Click on this link to the story.

Viet-Nam treaty 45 years ago



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