Meet Patty Evans the Executive Director

Executive Director

Meet Patty Evans

Executive Director, the National Security Forum

We are very pleased to welcome Patty Evans, who assumes the recently established position of Executive Director of the National Security Forum. The NSF has grown considerably in the past few years, with more meetings, more commentaries, more members and participants, and, of course, more administrative requirements.

Patty is a perfect hire for this position. She is an accomplished professional who has successfully managed large projects and major organizations for several years. Patty began her career in bank data processing in 1973 for First National Bank of Nevada, now Wells Fargo Bank.  She progressed over a 16- year period to the position of Assistant Vice President and Operations Manager of the Reno data center.

Following her career at the bank Patty worked for 26 years at Renown Health where she held several roles.  Most notably she served as the Chief Information Officer,  Process Improvement Administrator and Construction Administrator. With Renown, Patty focused on major IT project management, process improvement and construction management. When Renown completed the construction of the newest tower project, Patty was asked to assume the responsibility for running the Construction Department of the entire Renown Health organization.  This meant she was responsible for all construction projects throughout the entire Renown integrated health network.

In January 2016 Patty retired from Renown Health and has enjoyed spending time with her young grandson, and traveling, car racing and golfing with her friends and husband.

Please join me in welcoming Patty Evans as the NSF’s first Executive Director!

James Megquier, MD and

Chair of the Board, the National Security Forum

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